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Full Planning And Management Package

These services includes but is not limited to:


      For the day of your wedding/celebration, our responsibilities will include all those listed in our Day Coordination package. 

Turnover Planning And Management Package

These services includes but is not limited to:

      For the day of your wedding/celebration, our responsibilities will include all those listed in our Day Coordination package. 

On-The-Day Planning And Management Package

The services of this package include:


      On the day itself, we will be at your reception venue five (5) hours before the ceremony to be able to oversee set-up, attend waiter’s briefing and preparations. We will assist in your preparations and pictorials, organize the items needed for the ceremony as well as manage the logistics for the church ceremony.

      During your reception, we will be there to receive your guests and to seat members of your entourage and VIPs. We will oversee the flow of the program and assist the Bride and Groom in their needs for the evening. We will distribute your giveaways and favors to entourage. We will also help in managing any food items added to the menu, execute a systematic collection of gifts and in culling all materials for safe keeping and mementos, as well as organize the packing of any leftover food items. We will also assist in bill clean up to end your evening stress free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is our rate? 

Because every wedding is different, we would like to treat your inquiry with as much attention and consideration as we do all aspects of the weddings we handle. As such, please contact us for details regarding rates and charges. 

What are your terms of payment? 


What might make our rates fluctuate? 

Our rates are subject to change depending on the demands or needs of clients. We will have an out-of-town charge for events outside of Metro Manila. And if the clients have other requirements not covered by our basic packages. These of course, will all depend on what you plan to do on your wedding. 

What is your out-of-town charge? 

For weddings in the areas of Cavite, Laguna, Tagaytay and Antipolo our out-of-town charge is P5,000.00. For venues outside of those listed above, we normally ask that lodging be provided for our coordinators, this ensures that we do our jobs well and are not hampered by the distance. This is for a 2 night stay, the night prior to your wedding, and the night of your wedding day.  

Why does it seem like your paying a lot? 

We understand that you would like to prioritize many other elements of your wedding. But consider it from our point of view: we exert every effort and focus on the details to be able to deliver an event that speaks of your personalities and communicates the emotions of your special day. We will be planning your wedding from ground up, and we will be doing all the leg work. And more importantly, we’re doing this all for you. What makes us worth it? It’s our effort. We take special pride in the work we do, and nothing less than in-heaven-with-satisfaction is enough for us. Best of all, we will work within your parameters, whether they be budget or venue.  

Can we work around your budget? 

Definitely. We will not discriminate based on your budget. We know how tough it is, and how expensive it can get. That is why we’re not opposed to taking the back roads, and going to the gray markets our country is famous for, to get you the best deal. Trust us, Divisoria and Quiapo do not scare us. In fact, we’ve done it before!

After all, it’s all about value for money. And that’s what our service is – it’s giving you all that value. 

How many coordinators will there be? 

Our philosophy is not about the number of coordinators, but the understanding they have for you vision. In that light, we are organized so that one senior coordinator will be your account manager. Consider her your go-to girl for everything. She’s the one with a finger on what you really want, a pseudo-maid of honor. She will handle all your needs up to the day of your wedding. Other coordinators are organized as her team of assistants who will work together to make your special day become reality. The number of coordinators present on the day of your wedding will depend on the number of guests you have and the amount of logistical preparations your event requires. Nonetheless, our standard team consists of 4 coordinators and 2 staff members, this may increase depending on the number of guests or the amount of set up required. 

How do you handle international clients? 

Our service is really best for clients who find themselves – either through location constraints or time constraints – unable to do the leg work themselves. For our international clients we have arranged many ways by which we can communicate – via mobile phone, internet, chat services (ym, msn, skype) and even voice calls. We want you involved and as knowledgeable as if you were doing the planning yourself, to the point of making a blog just about your wedding.  

So, we will upload pictures and write ups, descriptions and quotations – everything at your finger tip. We will also provide schedules and checklists so you know the progress of our work. And upon your cue, we will also coordinate with your local representative – third, fourth and fifth opinions are always welcome. After all, weddings are also about family.   

How do we coordinate payment? 

Our company provides a few options for your payment. (1) You can either pay us directly, if you plan to visit before the wedding. (2) You can pay through a representative. (3) Or you can pay through fund transfers either a bank-to-bank transfer or through western union, however, you will have to foot the additional charges.  

For the money needed for deposits to suppliers, you can either (1) entrust us with your money, and we will provide you with updates and receipts – sent through scanned images at first then handed to you when you arrive, or (2) you can assign your representative, whom we will coordinate with for any payment requirements or (3) pay through bank transfers, which ever is to your comfort. 

Will you emcee or host the program? 

Because we want to make sure the details are going right, we do not emcee for events. However, we can find you a wedding or event host, if you would like. 

Do you have any special promos for W@Wies?

Special discounts and freebies are available to W@W Tag holders. Inquire with us for details.  


Detalye Weddings and Events supports the preservation of our environment and believes in sustainable living. A portion of the profits from wedding planning is used to support the Save La Mesa Watershed Project.